Sandoval Elevator Company can repair every make and model of elevator.  Our resources for parts include all major third party supply firms who support manufactures like Dover, ThyssenKrupp, Otis, Montgomery/Kone, Schindler and United States Elevator.  We perform detailed searches for hard to find or discontinued parts and can often find direct replacement parts for items other service providers call “obsolete”.  


Hydraulic Oil


Hydraulic Oil

The useful life expectancy for a hydraulic elevator is usually between 30-40 years if properly maintained.  At the end of its life, the elevator will most likely still contain the original 60-70 gallons of hydraulic oil in it’s tank.  Over time, the thermal breakdown of the hydraulic oil found in the elevator occurs as a result of the oil reaching extremely high temperatures.  Once hydraulic oil has been “burnt”, its molecular structure changes and can never be “cooled” to a point of acceptable performance. 

By replacing the hydraulic oil in your elevator tank at least once during its lifetime, you can help ensure smooth operation and reduce unexpected shutdowns.  If the color of your oil is black or dark brown then your elevator will benefit from an oil change now.

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custom cab interiors

70% of today’s elevator shutdowns are caused by the elevator doors.  If you’re experiencing an unusual amount of shutdowns caused by the elevator doors, contact Sandoval Elevator for a complete Door Diagnostic.  This report will identify the specific areas that need adjusting and or replacement.



Ever wondered why elevator cab interiors can be so expensive?  The answer lies in the material.  The elevator cab panels must pass rigorous testing in order to meet the proper fire retardant  requirements imposed by building and elevator code.  In addition, proper weight must be maintained to ensure the elevator does not require special testing after the new cab interior is installed.

However, cab interiors don’t need to break your budget.  Code compliant material is now available that can save you thousands of dollars off previous cab quotes.  Contact Sandoval Elevator when planning your next cab interior’ll be amazed at how much you can save.


Establishing an on-site Maintenance Control Plan is the first step in developing the right maintenance program for your elevator.  We ensure all maintenance tasks are updated and properly recorded in the elevator machine room. This ensures that your elevator equipment is safe, reliable and adjusted to outlive its life expectancy.

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